Review/Look Requests/BH Cosmetics Sale

OHHH my goodness! I am so ashamed because I have not blogged. No I have not forgotten about it, life just came at me fast and demanded I grow up within a matter of two weeks. Or maybe life has been warning me a while and I just refused to get with the program! Typical procrastinating me, however I needed to post because I missed blogging and interacting with you all so much!

Okay ENOUGH of my blabbering boring life story, what I wanna know is…what would YOU all love to see me review next? Some of my positive beautiful subscribers have already put in requests (you know who you are, I replied back to your comments:) .) Also I do have a few posts I am working on this week including some awesome awards some of you gorgeous souls nominated me for. However any special questions or requests based on my past posts of hauls I will gladly give you a full review on. Make up look requests are also a possibility. I am here for you all so put in your beauty requests and I will put it on my list :) Simply comment on this post.

Below are links of my most recent haul and looks, you can ask for reviews and feel free to lounge around my blog as well.

Most Recent Beauty Haul

Purple Lips

 (Would you like me to do a make up look with this color?)

Wavy Hair Classic Updo

(If you like the way i wore my hair for this post, I can also do a tutorial on it, let me know!)

FINALLY the sale part! I am subscribed to BH Cosmetics through my email and I saw that they are having a 75% off sale so I wanted to really link you all in. This is in no way sponsored, I just really find this brand to be of good quality and of good affordable price. Here is the link:

BH Cosmetics Spring Fling Sale

Enjoy & Stay positive beauties  <3

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Wipe that Eye Make Up Off…Or Not! CVS vs. Neutrogena

Well hello… ;) Haha setting up the mood for my blog post! Okay on a serious note I wanted to share two eye make up removers. One is a remover I am so very disappointed in and another is one that I am going to stick to from now on. Both are under $10.00 which is great however one does the job and the other does not. Below is the CVS eye make up remover comparing itself to the Loreal remover (regret) and the Neutrogena Oil Free Remover (Love). Before I go on my review, I looked online and saw CVS has two removers out. The one that compares itself to the Loreal Make up remover is the one I am very disappointed with. My mistake was assuming that the formulas were the same. None the less my discovery is your benefit!

CVS Oil Free Make up Remover (Comparing itself to Loreal Remover) $5.79 4 OZ


This remover smudged my make up all over my eyes, Instead of removing my make up I just ended up looking like a hot mess raccoon, hot nonetheless :) Does not work well with water proof eye make up.  Even after multiple wipes I still had make up left on.

CVS Oil Free Make up Remover (Comparing itself to Neutrogena) $8.49 6.4 OZ


This is the remover I purchased before that I loved and worked just like the Neutrogena remover and is a tad bit cheaper. I mixed this up with the one above (silly me.) If you want a Neutrogena alternative use THIS ONE. Great for water proof make up too.

Neutrogena Oil Free Make up Remover $9.00 5.5 OZ


Best to sometimes stick to the original brand. This oil free formula is perfect, does not dry out eye area and removes water proof make up. No raccoon eyes! Also it is cheaper to buy at target. I paid $9 because I needed it ASAP!

Hope this really helps as having the perfect eye make up remover is essential to my beauty routine. I like to come home and remove my make up fast, not struggle for fifteen minutes to get my eye make up off.

Love you all and Happy Sunday <3

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Friday Night: Haulin’ & Readin’ !


Guess what day it is??? AHHH yess FRIDAY! From my last post I know you all understood I needed the weekend to come BAD. No amount of dramatization can explain how at peace I feel being home, with home cooked meals, being in my PJs and catching up on YouTube videos and some magazines. It is simply awesome, home is where the heart is my loves <3 Anyway I just wanted to show you all a COLLECTIVE drugstore haul. I feel like brands have been blooming out some great products (you’ll see Maybelline mostly in this post, not biased I swear haha) and the sales are so great, that I was more than happy to buy and share with you all. Below are swatches of what I purchased over the month. Some may be repetitive, but hey just trying to be informational. Hope you beautiful awesome darlings enjoy and also have the best Friday of your life. You all work hard so do what you gotta do to shake that stress off. No negative Fridays <3

Maybelline Color Tattoo

Left to Right: Electric Blue, Barely Branded, Pomegranate Punk


Lip Product Swatches:

Can also see the applied Lipstick Violet Intrigue and Raspberry Rhapsody Elixir gloss here: Click


Maybelline Concealer:


My Sad Heart Donut:


Haha you all know I have a bit of jokes!

Product in haul picture not mentioned: Loreal Advanced Repair VOLUME FILLER Shampoo & Conditioner. I will try this out for two weeks then give you all a review. My hair is lacking volume at the moment so perfect time to try it out. However it smells amazing!

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Photo Chronicle: No Sleep Week

We all have that week period where there is a huge lack of sleep. I have literally been in Zombie mode since Monday and I cannot wait till end of Friday. Then it will be my bed and I sleeping until late afternoon and watching movies! Girl needs a break you know! Anyway below is just some of the highlights of my week, not all of it has to be bad :) Hope you guys enjoy and thank you so much for the positive feed back on my YouTube Video. If you have not already please check it out <3


Filmed a YouTube Glam Video : Click Here to See More


Dinner date night with my Boo <3


 Wearing Rays on the train because obviously I don’t know why LOL


 Best grilled cheese with sweet potato fries!


 Had a twinsie Dr Rescue Maybelline Babylips moment with another beauty blogger :)


 One of my OOTDs all Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch with my lovely daily bracelets

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The LOOK: Classic Glam Love Affair

Darlings!!! LOL I am so diva-ish sometimes, but its okay! So on my last post I asked if you all wanted to see a tutorial on the Classic Glam Love Affair look, and many of you liked the post so here it is! Please be kind as I am trying to fix up my editing skills and getting comfortable in front of the camera. However I know you are all very supportive positive individuals so therefore was more motivated to make this video without being too self conscious. REALLY, hope you all enjoy. Thank you <3

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Progress of Positivity

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 2.43.55 AM

Dear lovely/ beautiful/ handsome bloggers and readers,

     This may seem very weird that I am writing a blog post in a form of a letter but hey I was never that traditional anyway LOL! I just wanted to do a quick life update. Although I blog a lot about beauty and fashion, my other goal is to spread positivity. Of course, how can I do that without keeping that promise myself? This is meant to share my story of how negative I was and how I have changed and the things that has been happening to me since.

To some I come off as bubbly and happy but I always felt shy and unknown. I rarely wanted to do things to gain much attention on myself yet I had SO much to share. When it came to school I would speak up and share my thoughts but I always knew I wanted to build something for myself based off of my interests. There was a time where I was surrounded by negative people and unfortunately made wrong decisions in my life. Those choices were never “too late” issues luckily. One night I knew if I did not fix my attitude, respect my parents, find a better crowd and believe in myself more…my dreams would never come true. My friends would move on and go on to better and I would always be stuck. So I made three promises to myself:

1. Don’t stop on the account of others. I have dreams and goals that are meant to benefit my happiness and others along the way. Why should I fear if a friend says: “Oh you blog? Oh you do YouTube videos? That is weird.” This is part of my passion therefore I will respect myself enough to carry out my goals.

2. Wake up in the morning and say one positive thing or what I appreciate. Many may not know but I do have Crohns Disease which did cause some of my negative attitude and “why me” phase but since I vowed to change I have decided to see the good as opposed to the bad. I can walk, smile, breathe, laugh, and have all these amazing abilities. What gives me the right to ever complain? People have illnesses, get hurt, go through depression, and at the end it is the hand we have been dealt, overcoming and acceptance makes us stronger. Life is not easy, but can be manageable by embracing the good.

3. Respect others. I used to think that I would treat people the way they treat me. Which is wrong to me now. My parents taught me to respect and be kind. However they also told me to be smart and not let others take advantage of me. If someone is rude why should I lower myself to their standards? Maybe they do not know better, and hopefully my kindness can knock some sense into them. Also it catches rude people off guard, as to why you are not reacting. Bullies and negative people love company, however kindness is their biggest fear. ( If you are getting severely bullied, PLEASE let someone know, ask an official for help. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BULLY YOU!)

I am not guaranteeing that you can be more positive over night. It takes time and goodness who knows how many times I would get mad and just not want to care. However, when I saw the benefits of my happiness and confidence I wanted to keep on my goals. My life seemed somewhat brighter. My heart felt lighter, I could think more clearly, laugh more loudly, smile more often. Best of all, I had courage. Courage to blog, keep doing videos on YouTube (mess up but do it AGAIN) and to simply keep going. Soon, I was not telling myself to help others, I WANTED to from the bottom of my heart.

You are never alone. Whether you believe it or not, there are one or two special people in your life willing to help you and listen. GOOD PEOPLE DO EXIST!

Hope this helps and feel free to share your stories with me as well. Love you all <3

(Photo from Instagram, Khloe Kardashians page. I actually like her, she keeps it real)

Classic Glam Love Affair


Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 11.18.20 PM

So before Valentines day I was playing around with looks and came up with Classic Glam one. It is not much because I really wanted to keep it simple. Being that it is my fourth Valentines day with my boyfriend and he very much made it clear he loves my face, with or without make up (sweetest bf every!) . Never the less, I did want to make an effort. Would you all like a tutorial on this? It is super easy, time efficient and affordable make up used.


Maybelline Tattoo: Barely Branded

It’s Judy Time Palette (BH Cosmetics)

Loreal Gel Liner in Carbon Black

Loreal Million Lashes Voluminous Mascara


MAC Mineralized Broad Spectrum Foundation (NC 30)

NARS Blush in Madly


Revlon Colorburst Lip Balm in Honey

Rimmel London Showoff Lip Laquer in Nude Eclipse

Like this post if you would like a tutorial and I as always will deliver :)

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Genie In A Bottle

AHH, going through my playlist and came across all the oldies! I used to be absolutely OBSESSED with this song. I was probably six years old when this song came out and had no idea what the song meant haha, but Im still in love with it years later. Currently cleaning/re-decorating my room and have this song and: NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and all the goodies on play <3 What are your favorite songs growing up? Comment below because I would love to add them onto my playlist :)

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Cupcake Lover Forever & Always


 (Photo taken by me, posted on my Instagram: itsshaziaaxo)

For Valentines Day I just wanted to share something sweet!

My favorite dessert in the world has got to be cupcakes!!! But not any cupcakes…Georgetown Red Velvet cupcakes. I swear this is not a sponsored post, but this is proof that I simply love cupcakes :) I had one (above) today, and I was in a one minute heaven rush (I know I am being dramatic, but cupcakes are serious business to me.)

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes…did I mention I LOVE cupcakes? Hahaha! Enjoy your day and whether you have a significant other or not to share it with, give love to your family, friends and most importantly to yourself. In my opinion spreading love and care is all Valentines day is about, and indulging in the sweet heavenly desserts a little more that usual.

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Kissable Valentines Lips


What is a make up look without the perfect smooth lips? I outlined the steps I take to have perfectly smooth and conditioned lips before I apply lipstick. This helps me avoid chapped lips throughout the day and lets me get rid of all the dried skin (yucky) so it will not peak through my lipstick.

1. Lipscrub: to get rid of dry skin on lips

2. Lip Balm: Moisturize and prepare for lipstick

3. Apply your favorite shade of lipstick.

Photo on 3-23-13 at 2.38 PMI am wearing 307 Grenat by Givenchy.

My favorite red that has a blue undertone.

Hope this helps with your valentines day looks with healthy looking lips. Yes, this is the same picture as my blog header, I seriously love this red lipstick!

Also tweet me your valentines day looks, I would love to see and share as well:)

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